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Jay Copeland

Jay Copeland is the daughter of Victor Kahu and his ex-wife Diana Copeland, and grew up with her mother in Sydney.  Like Victor she is strong, intelligent and stubborn, but Jay also has a much softer side. 

A trained classical musician, Jay arrived in New Zealand in June 2004 with her girlfriend Maia Jeffries planning to spend time with her father and follow a new career path as a music therapist.  But things did not go well.  Between Victor's arrest for murder and Tama and Shannon's break-up, Jay's time in Ferndale was unhappy.  Leaving Maia behind, she returned to Sydney but soon realised what she had lost. 

When Jay returned to New Zealand at Christmas 2005 for the wedding of her cousin Tama Hudson, Maia was very much on her mind.  But she was horrified to discover that the love of her life had moved on and was living with another woman, Fee. Despite that, Jay knew there was still something between her and Maia.  She prepared to stay in Ferndale, and was relieved when Maia chose her over Fee.
Maia and Jay's relationship was tested once more when Jay slept with Norman in hopes of conceiving a child. Norman's death put paid to their plans of parenting his child and the popular twosome put their differences aside to be wed at Shorty's first Civil Union on February 14th 2006.

Jay went into business with Dylan Preston, the mentor she hoped would take her and her foodie business, Kahu Kai, to the top. Instead, the committed lesbian found herself inexplicably drawn to the man himself, and she embarked on a torrid and illicit affair. When partner Maia found out, their relationship crumbled. Dylan was shocked to discover Jay's double life (living with a woman) and he too pulled the rug out from under her by ruining her business.

Jay and Maia reconciled, but the issue of trust loomed large in their marriage. Maia's attempt to become pregnant drove a further wedge between them and the popular pair recently separated. Jay has moved into the nurses' house with TK and Alice. Jay has recently begun to explore new relationship options but can her heart really forget her one true love, Maia?

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