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Summer romance sizzles on returning Shortland Street

Shortland Street returns to New Zealand screens this week with a summer romance that will set the screen sizzling.  The 2005 season premiere sees Tama (David Wikaira-Paul) and Shannon (Amber Curreen) in matrimonial bliss; Toni (Laura Hill) and Chris (Michael Galvin) happily ensconced in the new mansion and Sarah (Amanda Billing) and Andrew's (Paolo Rotondo) fresh romance going strong. 

But the return to Ferndale of Maia's (Anna Jullienne) former girlfriend Jay Copeland (Jaime Passier-Armstrong) spells trouble for the popular nurse's love life.

Nurse Maia Jeffries quickly finds herself in a romantic tangle.  At one end is Maia's headstrong former lover, the gorgeous Jay Copeland, who returns to Ferndale for her cousin Tama's wedding. At the other is beautiful new beau Fee Nolan (Florence Hartigan), and right in the middle is Maia, making a love triangle that is bound to end in tears.

Maia's previous relationship with Jay ended abruptly after the couple moved back to New Zealand.  While Maia settled into her dual role as nurse at the  hospital and flat mate at 'El Rancho'; Jay struggled to find her feet and decided to break-up with Maia and leave Ferndale. But the feelings never really changed between the two lovers.

"The relationship ended but the love didn't," says actor Anna Jullienne.  "Jay was in a difficult situation: her dad had just been convicted for murder, there was a lot going on and things just werent working out for Jay in Ferndale. She couldn't stay there, she had to leave. But that didn't change the way she and Maia felt about each other."

Those feelings didn't stop Maia from having other relationships once Jay left town. Her most recent relationship with Fee has progressed very quickly with Fee moving into El Rancho with the gang. But Fee can't really match up to the memory of Jay.

"Maia's relationships since Jay have never had any real substance to them," Julienne says.  "Everyone is compared to Jay in her book. Jay is definitely the love of her life, the 'one'."

With Jay's return, Maia will have to decide just where her heart truly lies. Has she moved on from Jay and found new love with the beautiful Fee, or will sparks with Jay rekindle their old romance?

The street's resident good girl is about to get herself into trouble on Shortland Street, screening every weeknight at 7.00pm on TV2.

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