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Andrew Solomon

Doctor Andrew Solomon is the CEO of Shortland Street Hospital.  A consummate businessman, Andrew is a New Zealander who has spent most of his life in the UK.  He did his medical training there, and it was in England that he had a relationship with Nurse Robyn Stokes, who was also at Shortland Street briefly. 

In his thirties, Andrew has been the guardian of his much younger sister Claire since their parents were tragically killed in a car crash.  Claire is a troubled and spoilt sixteen-year-old who has spent the past years of her life at boarding school. 

Andrew is a workaholic; a dedicated administrator and a stickler for the rules.  He's driven by a need to control every aspect of his life and stopped being a hands-on doctor after a bad experience in the UK which still affects him.  As a boss, Andrew places high demands on himself and on his staff.  He's fair and is loyal to those who live up to his expectations, but doesn't suffer fools lightly - and can be ruthless when crossed.  His appointment as CEO of Shortland Street Hospital ruffled feathers among the staff, and the changes he has made to hospital organisation haven't always been well received. 

But Andrew does have a softer side.  His kindness and understanding were what persuaded his ex PA Barb Heywood to lay rape charges against Jim, and his warmer side is often seen in his dealings with fellow doctor Sarah Potts, for whom he has strong feelings.  After proposing to Sarah, it was a rocky road to the altar. Andrew's car accident (orchestrated by ex Robyn Stokes) left him on a slow road to rehabilitation. Then a near miss in a plane crash forced Sarah to confront her real and unresolved feelings for Craig Valentine. Finally, he and Sarah got married, only for the ceremony to be interrupted moments later by the arrival of a very pregnant Robyn, who claimed the baby was Andrew's!

What does the future hold for Andrew Solomon? Can he salvage any kind of a future with his devastated "wife" Sarah? Or has Robyn still got her trump card up her sleeve?


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