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Norman Hanson

Undertaker-turned-bar owner Norman Hanson is an intelligent and charming man in his mid twenties; an individual with a strong sense of what he wants from life.  Norman is perceptive and intuitive and has a quiet confidence that others find attractive.

Norman's interest in people was one of the things that led him to become a funeral director, and he brings the same warmth and insight to his new career as the owner of hip new bar and restaurant Coltrane. 

His debonair good looks don't go unnoticed by Ferndale's female population but Norman has been a one-woman man since meeting his fiancé Dr Li Mei Chen in early 2004.  In Li Mei, Norman knows he has found someone he can spend the rest of his life with; she is an individual with a different perspective on the world; she's a challenge; she's intelligent and beautiful; and she's captured Norman's imagination as well as his heart.  While outsiders (including the couple's El Rancho flatmates Vinnie and Maia) often wonder why he puts up with her bad behaviour, Norman is perceptive enough to see that Li Mei really cares about him. 

He has made several sacrifices for their relationship, including giving up his career as an undertaker in order to be a more acceptable future son-in-law to Li Mei's Chinese family.  That sacrifice, and the strain of making Coltrane a success have caused tension between Norman and Li Mei.  When Norman discovered that Li Mei had been having an affair with fellow doctor Mark Weston, it broke them apart. But she has convinced the affable bar owner to give her a second chance. However a personal crisis is about to test their relationship to it's very core - Norman has an inoperable brain tumour.

The stress on their relationship led Norman to move into the nurse's house. However, determined to fight for him, Li Mei will stop at nothing to ensure he has the best care. Unfortunately, this included sleeping with villain Hugo Carmont for the $6000 drug money necessary to save Norman's life - something Norman doesn't know about, yet.

And with Norman's decision to father a child with lesbian couple Jay and Maia, the stage is set for more conflict with Li Mei!


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