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Li Mei Chen

Beautiful and intelligent, Dr Li Mei Chen is a recent graduate working at Shortland Street Hospital. 

Li Mei has a unique style and ambition to burn, and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She can be very rude towards those she considers unimportant and this behaviour hasn't won her many friends. 

Determined to become a great doctor, Li Mei came to New Zealand to attend medical school and boarded with Nick and Waverley Harrison. 

Li Mei found a friend in Marshall Heywood until he developed romantic feelings for her, creating cartoon character Woo Mi in her image. A later friendship with nurse Anne Kahu did not survive the revelations of Li Mei's secret affair with Anne's ex-husband Victor. 

At first she dreamed of specialising in the male-dominated field of orthopedics, but faced discrimination both because of her gender and her nationality. She found a mentor in the new Head of the Emergency Department, Craig Valentine who appreciates her  intelligence and talent. Then, Dr Chris Warner offered her a great opportunity to specialise in Plastic Surgery. In terms of her career, it seems Li Mei has the golden touch.

When Li Mei started seeing handsome undertaker-turned bar owner Norman Hanson, viewers saw a softer side of the ice-maiden. She truly loved Norman and nursed him through his cancer diagnosis. His death in 2005 in a car crash saw her revert to type - cranky, mean and cantankerous. With just her career to focus on, lord help anyone who stands in the way of Li Mei in her quest to be the best.

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