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Following his adventures in 'Off The Rails', Marcus Lush had his feet up for a well-earned cuppa when the call came to tackle an epic experience. A month in Antarctica. The result is 'ICE', TV ONE's fascinating five part series about the explorers, history, environment and animals - the reality of life in a continent that is truly unique.

"Everything surprised me, I knew the history would be fascinating, but what really stunned me was the landscape and the wildlife," says Lush.

'ICE' delivers more than just pretty pictures of penguins and whales - there's a pinch of history, a dash of environmental awareness and stories of survival
and courage. It's about Scott Base but with plenty of time spent in the field in ice caves and tents, each presenting their own challenges.

"This turned out to be the most stunning month of my life"....Marcus Lush

If you didn't like trains but loved 'Off The Rails', then forget any reservations about the cold and prepare to be stunned by 'ICE'!

Zoned to play worldwide, PAL & NTSC multi-standard

Special Features: TVNZ captioning for the hearing impaired

Voted "Best presenter, general" in the annual TV Guide Best on the Box awards

DVD also available at your local DVD retail outlet.

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