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Tuesday August 8

Published: 10:11AM Tuesday August 08, 2006

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory spoke to David Robie about the Court of Appeal's decision to let Television New Zealand air a taped confession of manslaughter by Rainbow Warrior saboteurs Alain Mafart and Dominique Prieur. Mr Robie worked as a freelance journalist during the trial of the pair, and wrote a book - "Eyes of Fire: the Last Voyage of the Rainbow Warrior". He is now an associate professor at Auckland University of Technology's School of Communication Studies. [This video has been temporarily removed for legal reasons.]

Tariana Turia is the co-leader of the Maori Party. She spoke to Breakfast about the results of the electoral enrolment centre campaign to inform Maori voters that they were able to swap from the general to Maori role - and vice versa - for a certain time.

Breakfast spoke to pro wrestlers Heartless" Alfred Valentine and Jon E King about life in their profession and the NZPWI competition this weekend. They performed a demonstration on set.

Kay Gregory spoke to music reviewer Francesca Rudkin about the album called 'The Great Western' by James Dean Bradfield.

Paul Henry talked to Ray Williams at Manfield Race Track an hour before the end of the 24 hour Endurance Record Challenge.

Breakfast spoke to David Russell from the Consumers' Institute about inspecting your home before you buy but to be cautious of the inspectors themselves.

In a panel discussion this morning Paul Henry spoke with Director of the Centre for Child and Family policy research Robyn Dixon, psychologist Derek Patton and filmmaker Sandor Lau, who is of Hungarian and Chinese extraction, about forming identities. The issue of identity and development in children will be further debated at a conference in Auckland this weekend called 'Going Bananas: Multiple Identities Forum'.  For more information visit

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