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About The Show
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This show is currently off-air. 

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sees episodes full of satirical sketches, featuring Kiwi politicians, sportspeople and celebrities - with faces that are just a little bit different from what you're used to seeing in the paper...

The famous faces are rendered first as 2D caricatures by the talented Trace Hodgson, then given a third dimension via sculpting as foam prosthetics and are finally brought to vibrant life by a talented bunch of comic impersonators - the Facelift cast.

Producer Chris Ellis says Facelift is able to lampoon so affectively because of its quick turnaround time. The show is written on a Wednesday, rehearsed on a Thursday, shot on the Friday, and screens the following Monday.

Unlike most other television shows, where a small group of professional writers generate all the scripts, Facelift gets 200-300 pages every week from over 50 writers up and down the country. This ensures the show has a wide range of material available from writers of every political hue.

This mass of material is edited and re-edited until the script department has identified the 30 pages of script. Facelift boasts an experienced team of staff writers and editors, including Dave Armstrong, Paul Yates and Jane Clifton.

Ellis says, "New faces in the spotlight for the 2007 series include John Key, Annette King and Commodore Frank Bainimarama, while cast members such as Helen Clark, Paul Holmes and Winston Peters have all received makeovers".

So tuck into Facelift's unique take on Kiwi politics, popular culture, sports and celebrity.

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