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Sunday: May 25 2008 - Silent night

Published: 3:01PM Friday May 23, 2008

Silent Night
The police claimed George Gwaze didn't make a sound when he slipped into his niece's bedroom and allegedly raped and murdered her. But the jury didn't buy it and all the charges against the immigrant Zimbabwean veterinary surgeon were quickly thrown out.  Why was he even charged?  Janet McIntyre investigates.

The follow-up story on the People's Republic of Piracy China. We have seen counterfeit watches, clothes and jewellery. But now fakes are becoming a threat to our lives with the production of fake medicine. SUNDAY seeks out the criminals behind this trade in fake pharmaceuticals and uncovers the hidden victims.

A humble three-bedroom single-storey house in Kogelo Kenya is a shrine to the man who would be president of the United States. Barack Obama's picture adorns the walls of the house where his Dad was raised; home to the matriarch of the extended Obama family. Sarah Obama is the woman Barack calls 'Grandma'. His ties to this village, this woman run deep.

SUNDAY - Where there's a story, we'll find it.

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