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Fri Dec 2: Executioner; Drab to Fab; Caravan

Witness to an Execution
Walter James Bolton was the last New Zealander put to death in 1957 for poisoning his wife. Capital punishment was abolished four years later. While many of us can imagine what an execution by hanging is like, Ron Taylor is a man who knows. As a young crime reporter for the New Zealand Herald, Ron was a witness at three executions in 1955, all at Auckland Prison, what's now known as Mount Eden Prison. Ron is now 72 and retired, yet he vividly recalls the experience. He spoke with Bryan Seymour, beginning with the first execution he attended, that of 27 year old Frederick Foster.

Poll Question: Do you support the reintroduction of the death penalty in New Zealand?

Total number of votes: 9685
Yes: 7063
No:  2622

Drab to Fab
Have you got clothes in your wardrobe you've never worn? Or worn just once or twice? Maybe your wardrobe is jam-packed but still you have nothing to wear? Do you hate shopping for clothes? Do you stock up at at sales because you can't resist a bargain? Most of us answer yes to at least one of the above, so Jendy Harper went to meet a personal shopper. They are stylists who tag along with you to the shops, advising what to buy and what to leave. Chryssie Russell is one such person. She believes every New Zealander has their own unique style, but many of us just need help to find it.

Caravan Comeback
What are your plans for the summer holidays? Heading overseas? A luxury bach on Waiheke? Or will you join the increasing number of New Zealanders returning to the great New Zealand caravan holiday? In a cutting-edge piece of investigative journalism, Hugh Sundae went in search of the people, the places, and most importantly, the caravans, that have been a rite of passage for holidaying Kiwis for generations.