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Cutting It

Interview with Ben Daniels

"Why should Allie be with a serial shagger? I guess its because she believes he will mend his wicked ways."

A leopard can change its spots, and Cutting It's serial lothario, Finn Bevan, is out to prove he is a reformed character in the new series.

"Finn did get more than his fair share of sex," says actor Ben Daniels with a grin. "But this time he is very faithful, he's seen the error of his ways and is trying to make a go of it with Allie."

Viewers were left stunned when the womanising Finn almost bedded his estranged daughter, Ruby:

"I know Finn tried to sleep with his daughter in the last series, but he didn't know at the time that that was who she was, and what everyone has conveniently forgotten is that she was trying to blackmail him. Also, he didn't sleep with her in the end because it was at the point when Finn realised that he had to change."

Daniels reveals that Finn is not without his own insecurities: "Of course, he fears that Allie might still be in love with Gavin. He even thinks that she might have picked the wrong guy because of how wonderful they were together.

"But I think Finn has taken on board everything that has been said to him and is really trying to change, which I think is really commendable."

But will he succeed? "You will have to wait and see!" he replies.

"Finn is a fantastic character to play," says the 38-year-old actor. "I've always really loved Debbie Horsfield's writing. She's changed our characters a lot this year, they're still essentially the same people, but it's really clever the way she's moved everyone on."

The Nuneaton-born actor says he was pleasantly surprised by the response he received from viewers: "People loved it, and even though I was playing a villain, I didn't get people giving me hateful vibes, they took it in a light, humorous way," he says, relieved. "I had women giving me their phone numbers, one even chased me round a

Referring to last year's late-night drinking sessions with other members of the cast, Daniels was eager not to be drawn into a repeat performance:

"This year we've stayed in a lot more.We didn't pace ourselves very much last year. In certain scenes in the first series I could tell when we had major hangovers and had been up all night! Before this series started we met up and agreed that we should stay in more.

"Wednesday was 'FootballersWives' and 'Sex And The City' night. I was the envy of most men up and down the country because I had an invitation to the girls' Sex and the City nights. It turned out to be more like a pyjama party. I would go along in my jeans and the girls sometimes wore very little at all!" He smiles.

"The things I heard, it was like when a lot of men get together and talk about women. Not for the faint-hearted!"

The Lamda graduate, awarded Best Supporting Actor at the prestigious Olivier Awards for "All My Sons" in 2001, has twice turned down the opportunity to work in Hollywood.

"I landed two Hollywood movie roles, one alongside Mel Gibson in The Patriot and the other with Chris O'Donnell in Vertical Limit. The money was good, but it wasn't for

With a lifetime ambition to work on stage in New York, the amateur painter and Ashtanga yoga devotee has just landed a part in the Chekhov play "The Three Sisters" at the Royal National Theatre.

"It's been a while since I've done anything on stage and I've missed it," he says with a happy grin.