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McLeod's Daughters

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Bridie Carter

It's no surprise that the actor cast in the part of Tess Silverman McLeod attended clown classes at the early age of five. Bridie Carter has an infectious enthusiasm, a cheeky sense of humour and throws herself into the role of Tess with conviction.

She says that Tess's "vibrancy, love of life and endless optimism" made the part appealing. Bridie loves to rummage through markets and vintage clothing stores and often chooses garments for Tess.

Bridie grew up in Melbourne in and around art galleries (her mother was a gallery director) so has a real passion for the arts. And, like Tess, she is an advocate for people in need, offering her spare time to charity organisations.

Bridie says that, despite Tess being fun and cheeky, she is also "incredibly strong ... she's not a ditz, and neither am I".

Bridie graduated from NIDA in 1994 and has worked consistently in film, television and theatre. Bridie played the lead role in the feature film Fresh Air, and her television credits include: My Husband My Killer, Going Home, Above the Law, All Saints, Murder Call, Water Rats and Simone De Beauvoir's Babies.