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The School of Success
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About this show

From a millionaire aiming for the rich list, to an ATM installer hoping to become a police officer, the skills required are the same. Experts Dr Marc Wilson, business guru Tony Falkenstein and master motivator John Wall challenge the students to take responsibility for their own success.

For three months the students must undertake experiments, personality profiles and have their business plans put under scrutiny.

In a world laden with self-help books and get-rich-quick schemes, The School of Success examines why decisive action is the real secret to success. The series believes it's a common misconception that people are born lucky, but also wants to show viewers that even luck can be learnt. It is all about having the right mindset and understanding the psychology.

Dr Marc Wilson, a lecturer from Victoria University, investigates the five personality traits that are most likely to predict whether a person will be successful or not. These include diligence, emotional stability, intellectual openness, agreeableness and extroversion. The good news is behaviour can be adapted, and ultimately increasing a person's chances of becoming materially successful.

For some students there is a rude awakening from business guru, Just Water CEO, Tony Falkenstein as he examines their goals. Some of their business plans do not have products or services that are unique enough to create the wealth they desire.

While master motivator, John Wall, Sugar International CEO, pushes the students out of their comfort zone by demanding they accept personal responsibility for their actions. No excuses, no blame! Wall forces the students to look at how they network, their ability to sell and present to prospective clients, time management and how to face the biggest fears of all - the fear of rejection and failure.

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