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Zoo Tales

Saturdays 5pm | TV ONE

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Saturdays at 5pm

Almost ten million people visit Australia's zoos every year, but this series reveals what these visitors never get the chance to ordinarily see.

Zoo Tales is a documentary reality series which takes a unique insiders look behind-the-scenes at some of Australia's finest zoos.  Zoo Tales experiences the drama, joy, danger, compassion, exhilaration and heart-ache of life inside these remarkable animal sanctuaries.

A team of top-flight camera-crew and producers have worked across Australia to create the series taking a breathtaking journey into life inside the zoo.

Zoo Tales takes a backstage look at all the ground-breaking operations and exclusive never-before-seen births of rare wildlife including the exciting arrival of 'Thembi' the giraffe at Western Plains Zoo as well as a behind the scenes look at the lead up to the highly anticipated birth of Fuzu the baby gorilla at Taronga Zoo. 
Zoo Tales is in the thick of all the action and excitement, providing a rare glimpse into the animal kingdom. They've captured many weird and wonderful moments, including the memorable journey the four-metre tall giraffe, Jimiyu, made from Dubbo to Taronga Zoo.  Accompanied by a full police escort, he makes a regal spectacle cruising down one of Australia's busiest roads at peak-hour.

Zoo Tales explores everything from breeding and rehabilitation programs to the ongoing effort to save some of our most critically-endangered species.  Meet the amazing men and women who dedicate their lives to caring for the zoos' world famous animal residents.