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About Would Like To Work

Would Like To Work, on TV ONE

Wednesday, November 17 at 7.30pm

This week:

Julz Anguna 

Single-parent Julz Anguna, 34, has been unemployed since having to leave her previous job 9 months ago.  Julz left-for health complications directly linked to her employment but she's now regretting the decision because she's been unable to find alternative work and she's stuck on the DPB.

When Clinical Psychologist puts her through an trial interview he discovers that not only does Julz have a shocking CV and covering letter, she's also terrified of the interview process.

Has Dr Thomson made a mistake in lining Julz up for an interview with a Campus Security.   Does she have the confidence needed to be successful?

About the show

The global credit crunch hit Kiwis hard, with unemployment reaching its highest levels since the 1980s.

Would Like To Work is a brand new TV ONE show here to help New Zealanders beat the recession and get back into the workforce.

Competition for every job is fierce - evidenced by the 2500 who queued for seven hours in an attempt to land one of 125 jobs at a new Countdown Supermarket in South Auckland. 

Prospective employers are inundated with applications from desperate job-seekers - including entries from those who not only don't have the required skills but who may not even understand the requirements of the role.

In Would Like to Work, our expert presenters work with long- and short-term unemployed New Zealanders to teach them how to stand out from the job-hunting crowd and prove themselves the perfect candidate.

Through a mix of self-assessment, mentoring, and candid and constructive critique each potential candidate will learn tips and techniques that will not only help them land the job, but potentially change their lives.

In every episode a genuine job is at stake - and our candidates will compete against other real-world applicants. 

Can the Would Like to Work experts make the show participants stand head and shoulders above the competition?

The series will feature eight very different careers - highlighting a variety of industries, occupations, qualifications, skill sets, and experience levels.

But each episode will have the key common elements of employers searching for the ideal candidate, and applicants eager to seize the opportunity.