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Mexican 'baby mother' may now be 15, sterilised

Published: 5:33PM Friday February 08, 2013 Source: ONE News

A young Mexican girl who gave birth to a baby girl was reportedly sterilised by doctors without her consent, while questions also arise over her true age.

The girl, known only as Dafne and reported to have been eight years old when she fell pregnant, is now said to be missing.

Authorities had already launched a man-hunt for the 17-year-old father of the child, born by Caesarean section on January 27 in a hospital in the western state of Jalisco.

The little girl - named by a local newspaper as Maria de Los Angeles - weighed 2.7kg and measured 50cm at birth. Mother and baby were released from hospital in good health.

But just a day after state prosecutors said they were treating the case as one of "sex abuse or rape", it has now emerged that there are questions surrounding the girl's age.

Tomas Coronado Olmos, the Jalisco state attorney general, said that Dafne's own birth registry raised suspicions about her age, as she was only registered in 2011, reported AFP.

"We have some evidence of irregularities that we need to investigate," Coronado Olmos said, adding that investigators want to conduct a psychological profile of the girl.

When authorities, neither Dafne nor her baby were at the address she gave to the hospital where she gave birth in the town of Zapopan.

The state's health secretary, Antonio Munoz, voiced doubts over Dafne's reported young age.

"The medical characteristics of this minor do not correspond to a nine-year-old girl," he said. "She could be much older - she seems to be 15-years-old."

It has also emerged that Dafne was sterilised without her consent or the consent of her mother, The Daily Mail reported.

The girl's family have now reported the hospital to the local human rights commission, which is investigating.

The British newspaper reported that the family fled their small home in a taxi just hours before police and the local mayor arrived to speak to them.

Mexican newspapers have dubbed Dafne "baby mother", a pun on the term usually used to refer to the mother of a child and not the fact she is still a child herself.

Rumours surrounding the birth, and Dafne's mother and step-father are also widespread in the country's media, in a case that has caused a storm of controversy around the world.