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Kiwi crowned Scrabble master

Published: 8:52AM Monday October 17, 2011 Source: ONE News

  • Scrabble board (Source: ONE News)
    Scrabble board - Source: ONE News

In a world record setting victory, New Zealand Scrabble maestro Nigel Richards has won the World Scrabble Championships for the second time.

Richards is the only person ever to have won two world championships, fighting off a record 116 competitors from 44 countries to take the championship title in a nail-biting final against Australian Andrew Fisher.

The kiwi was hotly tipped to win and entered the 20th anniversary of the World Scrabble Championships competition as previous champion in 2007 and runner up in 2009.

The inaugural World Scrabble Championships took place in London with just 48 players, but as popularity for the board game has grown, so too has the size of the competition.

Those who entered the 2011 championships were some of the most practised, skilled and dedicated players from around the planet.

Competitors spend years honing their skill and must pass multiple qualifying rounds to secure their place in the Championship, regarded as the epitome of their playing career.

Some of the highlights of the tournament included the shortest match which took place between two competitors from Pakistan and the Netherlands who took just 3 moves to lead to a -6 to -9 win for the player from Pakistan.

Over 4 days, players scored a total of 1,499,107 points in 1801 games which equates to an average of 832 points per game.

The player who scored the most points was the defending champion Pakorn Nemitrmansuk with 15,854 points - an average of 466 per game.

Scrabble is currently produced in 33 different languages with over 150 million games having been sold in 121 countries around the world.

Four million games are sold worldwide every year.

The next tournament will take place in 2013.