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Ginger royal baby would 'break the bank' - bookmaker

Published: 11:56AM Wednesday January 16, 2013 Source: ONE News

British bookmakers have revealed odds on the birth date, weight and hair colour of the royal baby, sending punters into a betting frenzy.

The odds were released this week following the announcement by Prince William's office that Catherine was due mid-July.

Ladbrokes has selected July 17 as the hot favourite for birth date at 4/1.

Spokeswoman Jessica Bridge said: "It would be fitting if Kate and Wills' newborn shared the same birthday as Princess Diana but unfortunately the odds suggest it's not meant to be."

Diana's birthday of July 1 is an outside bet at 40/1.

William Hill is playing it a little safer picking the royal baby will arrive in the third or fourth week of July.

That could be because the royal baby has already seen the firm pay out big bucks.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: "The royal baby is starting to cost us a small fortune, we have already paid out on the year and now the month that the baby will be born. We can only hope that they don't have a baby with ginger hair as that would break the bank."

William Hill is also offering odds on the baby's name.

Amongst the favourites are George, Victoria and Diana, all 10/1, followed by Elizabeth 12/1 and Charles, John and Phillip, all 14/1. Chardonnay is the outside chance at 1000/1.

Ladbrokes, which is picking the pair will have a girl, have Elizabeth and Diana as the favourites, both at 8/1.

Other quirky bets include how Catherine will deliver, natural birth or caesarean, what colour hair the newborn will have and what the weight will be.