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Air Samoa rolls out XL seating

Published: 8:42PM Thursday June 27, 2013 Source: ONE News

Air Samoa has started an extra large seat service in which larger passengers are given more room.

The airline was initially facing criticism for charging customers based on their weight.

But now, Air Samoa said it is all about looking after its larger customers.

"We can fit two fairly large people in there, heavier people in there and it's comfortable for both," said Air Samoa CEO Chris Langton.

Each passenger pays by their weight, therefore each kilo costs them. However they can now get a seat that suits their size.

"We've actually taken out a complete row of seats and replaced it. So there is much more leg room for the passenger, there's no armrest," Mr Langton told ONE News.

The controversial weight gain system which was introduced earlier this year made international headlines.

And to date, the airline's website had clocked up more than 200 million hits.

Initially people were opposed to the pay per kilo idea, saying it is not fair as people who are smaller pay less.

But there is more backing for the concept after two months with the launch of the extra large seat.

"There is a lot of room inside so I feel free to move around inside that is good," said one customer.

"It's good because it makes it really cheap for children to fly," said another.

Although paying by weight may seems like a clever marketing ploy, Samoa Airline argues there are other benefits.

"It means we are very efficient, we can load the aircraft right down to the last few kilos," Mr Langton said.