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William And Mary

Series 3 episode 5 recap

There's a distinctly frosty atmosphere in the house since William informed Mary that her son Terence has to live with his father, for his own safety, after being attacked by a gang. Mary feels hurt betrayed by William that he took the decision about her son without consulting her.

William is doing his best to try to make it up with Mary, and to make amends for not discussing the matter with her. He's busy making her breakfast in bed. But she's up and on her way out of the house before he can take the breakfast tray to her, and she dismisses the gesture tersely.

Rick has moved into Terence's room while Molly is being treated in hospital. He's wearing a ridiculous wig, which Molly has insisted upon. She says his shaved head makes her think he is ill as well.

The cancer treatment Molly is receiving is so ghastly that she is allowed just one visitor a day, and Rick is very adamant that as her husband that should be him. But Mary is equally worried about her mum, and decides to visit her.

When Rick takes Thomas to the hospital to visit Molly later the nurse tells him she has already had one visitor. Rick is furious with Mary, his anger fuelled by the worry over Molly's prognosis.

At the undertakers a 10 year old boy, David (Callum Williams), turns up to discuss funeral arrangements for his father. His father was drowned at sea during a fishing trip in Brighton, and his body has never been found. David asks William whether there can be a funeral without a body. William assures him that although there can't be a funeral, there can be a special service to mark the end of the person's life.

David returns to the undertakers with his mum, Laura (Clare Holman) and nine year old sister Lottie (Ronnie Creed). Laura explains that her husband Jim's parents have never really liked her. They believe he didn't drown, but that he swam ashore and ran off to get away from her. That is why she wants to hold a service to bring a closure to his life, for them as well as her.

The feud between Arnold and Mrs Spalding over his romance with Mrs Ball is still bubbling. Mrs Spalding is fiercely jealous, and it shows. The situation has become so bad that Mrs Spalding asks William if her partnership in the business can be dissolved, and announces she is off to live with her sister in Deal.

Mary has the heartbreaking job of looking after Jan, a pregnant woman who is on a life support machine. They are hoping to keep her alive until they can safely deliver her baby in two or three weeks.

The case is particularly sad because the baby may have to be taken into care. Although the baby's parents had been together for ten years, they are not married, so the father, William (Doug Allen), has no legal rights to the child. Health visitors have been vetting the father to establish whether he is suitable to raise the child on his own.

The expectant father tells Mary how he and his partner had not married because they were happy as they were. It wasn't as if they were against marriage, and now it looks as if not only will he lose his partner, but the baby too. Mary recognises the dilemma. She and her own William face the same uncertainties with their children because they have not married. She vows to do every thing in her power to help William 2 to keep his child.

The more time Mary spends with William 2, helping him to learn how to look after a baby, the more she finds herself becoming closer to him. She begins to fantasise about him, and worries that she might be falling for him. Her emotions are in turmoil. She even ponders on whether the consultant Mr Ormerond may be a potential partner. Who does she really love?

DS London (Joseph Bennett) has depressing news for William. Terence must stay with his father in Brighton for at least six months, out of the way of the gang who attacked him.

William has to break the news to Mary. But when he arrives home Mary is on her way out of the house with Thomas. On the spur of the moment Mary has decided to go to Brighton to see Terence. By coincidence William is conducting the memorial service for David's father in Brighton the following day, and suggests they meet up. But Mary is just not interested.

Brendan, Kate and Julia, want to go to Brighton to see Terence too. William reluctantly agrees they can go on the same train as he does for the memorial service. In fact the teenagers' presence on the journey helps to make it a pleasanter trip for David, Lottie and Laura.

On Brighton seafront, near the derelict West Pier, the small congregation gathers for the memorial service, including Jim's parents, and his eldest son Andrew. But even as they begin to sing the first hymn of the service, Jim's mother (Diana Payan) refuses to accept her son is dead, and to take part in a farewell to him.

But just as they are about to cast a wreath into the sea David manages to persuade his gran to join them.

Meanwhile with her family reunited again, Mary is feeling happier, until her mobile rings, and it's Rick with bad news about Molly.

Mary races back to the hospital in London to find Rick distraught. He fears Molly is dying after contracting an infection.

Mary leaves Rick to sit with Molly, and turns to go home. But her head is spinning. She needs to talk to Doris. It's hardly a convenient time for Doris, who is celebrating getting back together with Eamon. But their passion has to be put on hold while Doris listens to Mary's dilemma. Doris tries to make Mary realise what a very special man William is, and how much he loves her.

Mary arrives home to hear William and Billy Two Hats singing in the kitchen. William is so delighted to see her he wraps her in his arms, and she surrenders to his embrace.

Finally Mary is able to tell William every thing that has been troubling her. William tells her he has come up with a solution to get Terence back with them. He proposes that they rent out their house, and move to another one across town, and out of the way of the gang.