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William And Mary

Series 3 episode 2 recap

William has a gig with the band, but there are just a handful of people in the pub, and no one is interested in the music. William decides he has had enough and decides to quit. With a wife, five children and a business to run, he doesn't really have time for the band any more. Billy Two Hats (David Kennedy) warns him if he leaves in the middle of the gig he's out of the band for good. William just doesn't care, and walks out.

Billy Two Hats bombards William with phone calls, but William refuses to answer. He's adamant he won't change his mind. Billy is upset, and hatches a plan with Mary.

Terence has a new hobby which threatens to get him into trouble. He's hooked on graffiti tag - the elaborate art created with aerosol cans on apparently inaccessible places, putting the artists at risk.

Molly has begun her chemotherapy treatment. Rick is beside himself with worry, and is being over protective. Molly is constantly telling him not to fuss, even though she has to wear a scarf to cover her hair loss.

Mary takes on one of Doris cases as a favour. Isla is a 17 year old mum who has recently moved to London from Leicester following the birth of her baby boy, and she's HIV positive. Isla has come to London to live with her mum, who doesn't know about her daughter's illness, neither does her boyfriend Adam.

She tells Mary she contracted the disease from Adam, who got it through a blood transfusion when he was a child. They desperately wanted a baby and risked unprotected sex just once. They won't know whether the baby is clear for another 18 months, by which time Adam (Ashley Campbell) will be dead and Isla (Remi Wilson) prefers to let him believe she and the baby are fine.

Kate has her interview at Oxford, and for William and Mary it means a night away on their own at last. Mary dreams of a romance in a luxury suite of a posh hotel, after they have accompanied Kate for her interview.

William is bursting with pride as they arrive in Oxford, but his enthusiasm is irritating Mary, who is still upset that Brendan doesn't seem to be doing as well academically as Kate.

Mary's dream of a night of passion with William is fast fading as Callum invites them to have dinner in the college's grand dining hall. William thinks he will explode with pleasure, as he soaks up all the fascinating history of the place while Mary is now really fed up. But saved by the bell, her mobile rings and she's summoned away. Isla is in trouble, and Mary feels she must go back to London immediately. William can't hide his disappointment, but insists on driving Mary back. But Mary's black mood annoys him and they have a row. Mary finally tells him what is bugging her. She knows that her boys, with their state school background would never even have a chance of applying for Oxford, even if they wanted to. But she maintains that Kate and Julia's privileged schooling has given them a distinct advantage.

William is furious, and when he drops Mary off at Isla's home, he tells her to get a cab home because he is so angry with her. But Mary discovers that Isla has already run off, taking the baby with her.

The following day Isla goes to the hospital to meet Mary. She and Adam have decided to return to Leicester to be with Adam's family, who at least know about the HIV.

Doris' relationship with Eamon is flourishing, but Mary is not keen on the man. He's brutish and arrogant, and she's not at all sure he's right for Doris.  But Doris seems hooked.

Reuben, Brendan and Terence's father, turns up like the proverbial bad penny. He claims he has come to give Brendan a belated birthday gift. Brendan thinks his father is out of order for coming anywhere near the house after all the trouble he caused - breaking up William and Mary's wedding by claiming Mary was still married to him.
When his girlfriend Poppy arrives, Brendan refuses to introduce her to Reuben, and pretends he is just someone he knows, not his father.

Martin Nixon (Ian Redford) is bereft at the death of his beloved wife, after a long illness, and William is there to pick up the pieces and organise the funeral for him.

But Arnold discovers a problem. It would seem Mrs Nixon's death was not as straightforward as it at first appeared, even though two doctors signed off the cause of death. Mrs Spalding is adamant that they should report their findings to the police. She suspects Mrs Nixon may have been helped to die by her husband.  But William's instinct, having been to the home and met Mr Nixon, is to ignore their findings.

Mrs Spalding is disturbed by the events, and decides to report the matter to the police. But instead she goes to Mrs Nixon's GP for another copy of the death certificate, where she is told of the distressing time Mr Nixon had suffered as his poor wife deteriorated. She can't bring herself to take the matter any further.

Mary is anxious to make amends for her bad behaviour at Oxford, and plans a romantic evening alone with William. But there's a commotion outside, and Billy Two Hats and the band are on the back of a truck, belting out a tune. Billy calls for William to join them for the local carnival. In spite of her seduction plans, Mary urges William to join them.