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William And Mary

Cheryl Campbell plays Molly Straud

Cheryl Campbell says she loved playing surrogate granny to the twins who play baby Thomas in the new series of William And Mary.

"Max and Harvey Mills are the most delightful children," says Cheryl.
"They are very bright boys and a real credit to their mum. When they were in scenes with me I played with them before we started filming so they wouldn't feel intimidated. But they were absolutely fine.

" I loved being their screen granny," adds Cheryl. "They were incredibly rewarding to be with."

Cheryl plays the vivacious Molly Straud, Mary's mum, who shocked everyone when she married her toy boy lover Rick in the last series.

"Molly is an unconventional, fun granny, and she and Rock are an unlikely couple. She has had bad experiences with men in the past. Good men are few and far between, and Molly knew when she had got a diamond. Molly is impulsive, and always ready to jump in at the deep end. She is such a fun character to play," says Cheryl, who is single.

In the new series Molly faces bleak news when she is diagnosed as suffering from cancer. Her cheerful nature is put to the test as she struggles to come to terms with her illness.

"Molly is a very feisty woman, and is determined to fight her illness. She hides her illness from her husband and daughter at first, and tries to remain upbeat. I have friends with cancer and I was keen to make sure I represented the struggle they have to deal with in a positive way. I hope viewers will find her funny and be inspired by the way she deals with things," says Cheryl.

Molly remains positive while she is being treated in hospital by entering endless magazine competitions to win a fabulous prize for her family.

"It made me remember the time I won a magazine competition. I had been reading a gardening magazine on a journey to see my dad. There was a competition to win a garden bench. The questions were so easy I decided to enter," Cheryl explains.

"I gave the competition entry to my dad to post because I didn't have a stamp. My dad died shortly after I'd seen him. Then six weeks later I received a letter to say I'd won 20 pound worth of garden seeds. It felt as if my dad had played a part in me winning a prize. I scattered the seeds in my garden, and some beautiful wild flowers came up. They were a lovely reminder of my dad."

After the second series of William And Mary, Cheryl went to South Africa to film a new BBC drama, To The Ends Of The Earth, in which she plays Lady Somerset, a woman who has an affair with a younger man. She has also recorded two radio plays: Hold Back the Night, with David Morrissey, and The Entertainer, with Bill Nighy. She is working on a new radio play, The Madness of King George, with Alun Armstrong.

Cheryl is best known to television viewers for her roles in Pennies From Heaven, Testament of Youth, Inspector Morse, and The Way We Live Now.