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Violet Penrose

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Violet Penrose (Sophia Huybens)

Violet is the youngest daughter of the very wealthy Sir Henry and Lady Penrose who is engaged to be married to Charles Smith. She met Charles at the races and fell in love, deciding to marry him despite her parent's wishes fro a husband from the same social class.

Born to money and quite spoilt, Violet is used to getting her own way, however, she sees herself as a kind and socially committed person and proves it by taking Cissy under her wing to give her some of the benefits of class and breeding

Sophia  on Violet Penrose

"Violet represents the upper strata of the social ladder and she's still very connected to Britain. She would have been schooled in England, she's got a very refined accent and she definitely identifies as a British person living in the colonies. So she's one hundred percent for the Empire: to fight and do your duty to protect the Empire.

What I love about her journey is that she represents what a lot of women would have gone through. At the start, she's got her engagement party, she's found the love of her life, then all of a sudden he's ripped from her. Well, it must have affected her - it's not something she could show - and I think it would have been hard."