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What Really Happened - Waitangi


William Hobson played by Phil Peleton

Phil Peleton as William Hobson

Only 47 but quite unwell at the time of the signing, Hobson has been described as religious and sociable. He's also been described as a bit of a social climber and not all that bright. Then again, others say he was a once brave and intelligent man laid low by a series of illnesses and minor strokes that changed his nature considerably by the time he arrived in the Bay of Islands.

Some Historians blame his poor decisions on the quality of his advisors. He certainly seems to have been a bit overly concerned with protocol. He was born in Ireland but we can assume he was 'British' in accent and manner.

Phil Peleton on Hobson

"He's been given a job to do, and he wants to get it done. But he's also sick, so he's conscious of leaving some kind of legacy behind. Getting the treaty signed became his legacy."