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What Really Happened - Waitangi


Tamati Waka Nene played by Calvin Tuteao

Calvin Tutaeo as Tamati Waka Nene

Nga Puhi.

Nene was somewhere in his sixties at the time of the signing. Along with his older brother, Patuone, he had fought with Hongi Hika.

Nene saw the terrible slaughter brought about through the introduction and use of the musket and may have been battle weary and considered peaceful.

But Nene was still a warrior first and went on to fight for the English against Heke and Kawiti.

Hika probably told him about his journey to London and what he saw there and at Port Jackson (Sydney) and how the Aboriginals were treated in New South Wales. A thoughtful and proud man, he also knew that the English were not to be treated lightly.

Calvin Tutaeo on Tamati Waka Nene

"He and his brother Patuone knew that the British had arrived, there was no stopping the tide so they thought they should find a way to work with them."