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What Really Happened - Waitangi


Rewa played by Lawrence Wharerau

Lawrence Wharerau as Rewa

Little is known about 'The Great Chief, Rewa' (older brother to the better known Moka Te Kainga-mataa) except that he spoke out against the English in favour of the French at the hui, but then went on to sign.

He fought in the Musket Wars and was involved in the terrible slaughter of the time.

He may have harboured resentment against missionaries like Baker who used their position to gain land. He was involved in the earlier signing of the Declaration of Independence (in 1835) and saw that little came of it.

For our purposes he represents the Catholic Rangatira who were influenced by Pompallier and is rather earnest, thoughtful and troubled by the changes that were happening so quickly around him.

Lawrence Wharerau on Rewa.

"Rewa was trader in flesh as well as muskets. He had his own agenda, he wanted to make sure he got something out of the Treaty. He was very direct of speech having dealt with ship's captains."