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What Really Happened - Waitangi


Marupo played by Antonio Te Maioha

Antonio Te Maioha as Marupo

Marupo, a young athletic Rangatira, is part of Heke's crew. He disrupted the signing of the treaty with warnings against doing so, but then signed anyway.

In our story, this is orchestrated as part of Heke's tactic of keeping the English on their toes.

Antonio Te Maioha on Marupo

"The English party came in that morning of the sixth and it doesn't really look like they are about to set up a partnership event. Marupo was coming in (and on behalf of Hone Heke and Hariata and some of the others) as a ploy to say "hang on a minute we've got etiquette and we've got ways of doing things as well, and, if you're just going to take charge, then I'm just going to go nuts and show you, in this way, that things have to be run in more of a partnership fashion". We are from a similar place up north and he would have known my great, great, great grandfather (Ruhe) who signed the treaty."