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Francesca ‘Franky’ Doyle played by Nicole Da Silva

Franky Doyle played by Nicole Da Silva

Nicole Da Silva plays Franky Doyal

Francesca ‘Franky’ Doyle played by Nicole Da Silva

Charge: Intentionally causing serious injury

Sentence: 7 years

Served: 2 years

Mid 20’s. A GenY lesbian. Sexy, charming, provocative and tattooed, Franky uses sex as her armour to hide deeper insecurities. A natural born leader who is all about power because she’s never had any.

When Bea enters prison, Franky is solidifying her powerbase and has only one aim and that is to be top dog. She is an expert at mind games, charm and seduction but has to learn to harness her temper. Losing control makes her weak and vulnerable, which is why she avoids getting emotionally involved.

Despite her smooth veneer, there is a simmering danger underneath that comes from the adversities life has thrown at her and the people who look down on her. Her challenge is to face the trauma from her childhood and banish the deep emotional scars that continue to influence bad life choices.

Nicole Da Silva

Nicole Da Silva is one of Australia's most aspiring young actresses already credited with numerous acclaimed performances including a lead role as gutsy Stella Dagostino in all four series of Rush.  She starred in East West 101 and in 2008 Nicole received a nomination for the prestigious Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent at the 50th TV Week Logie Awards for role in Dangerous.

Fresh out of University of Western Sydney's Theatre Nepean with a Bachelor of Performance in 2003, Nicole took on the challenging task of producing and starring in the David Mamet play A Life in the Theatre. Through her production company, she has continued to develop her own projects as well as roles with prominent theatre companies such the Malthouse Threate's Blood Wedding, and Melbourne Theatre Company's A Behanding in Spokane.

Nicole resides in Sydney.