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Thames Weather

Page last updated: 10:51PM Saturday April 19, 2014

Two Day Forecast



Morning showers, then mainly fine. Southwest change.



Mainly fine. Southwest breeze.

Coastal Marine ForecastLast updated: 12:41AM Sun, Apr 20, 2014

  • Colville


    Northwest rising to 25 knots this morning, then easing to westerly 15 knots this evening. Sea becoming rough for a time.Northeast swell 1 metre.Poor visibility in showers developing this afternoon, some heavy and possibly thundery.


    Outlook following 3 days: Becoming Monday southwest 25 knots, turning Wednesday southeast 15 knots. Rough sea easing.

Latest Weather News

Leisure Marine ForecastLast updated: 12:32AM Sun, Apr 20, 2014

  • Coromandel

    Inshore waters from Great Mercury Island to Mayor Island to Matakana Island.


    A northwest flow persists over the region today and Sunday, while a broad trough moves onto the country, followed by southwesterlies on Monday. A ridge spreads over the country on Tuesday.


    NIL warning for PLENTY


    Strong wind advisory.

    Saturday: Northwest 15 knots. Sea slight. Poor visibility in heavy showers, some thundery, clearing late evening.

    Sunday: Northwest 15 knots rising to 20 knots north of Slipper Island in the morning, then to 25 knots gusting 35 knots but 20 knots in the south in the afternoon. Becoming westerly 15 knots late evening. Sea rough in the north in the afternoon. Poor visibility in heavy showers from afternoon, possibly thundery, easing at night.


    Outlook until midnight Wednesday: Monday: Changing southwest 20 knots early. Mainly fine. Tuesday: Southwest easing to 15 knots. Mainly fine. Wednesday: Tending southeast 10 knots. Mainly fine.


    Swell forecast to midnight Wednesday: Easterly 1.5 metres, easing to 1 metre Monday.