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Series 1, Episode 13 Fight Or Flight 16 Apr 14 00:39:34

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Reefton Weather

Page last updated: 1:32PM Thursday April 17, 2014

Two Day Forecast



Rain, heavy falls. Northeasterlies.



Rain, with heavy falls, easing. Northerlies dying out.

Coastal Marine ForecastLast updated: 1:01PM Thu, Apr 17, 2014

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    *STORM WARNING IN FORCE* North of Hokitika: Easterly 40 knots rising to 50 knots early afternoon, easing to northeast 35 knots Friday morning and to 25 knots Friday evening. Elsewhere: Southeast 30 knots rising to 40 knots this evening, easing to northeast 30 knots Friday evening. Sea becoming high in the north for a time. Northerly swell 2 metres. Southwest swell 2 metres easing. Poor visibility in scattered rain, mainly in the north.


    Outlook following 3 days: Becoming Saturday morning northeast 30 knots everywhere, turning Saturday evening northwest 20 knots. Becoming early Sunday southwest 15 knots but 30 knots offshore, and Monday southwest 25 knots everywhere. Sea rough at times. Southwest swell becoming moderate Saturday. Moderate northerly swell dying out Sunday.