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Rain Radar & Maps

Published: 8:32AM Monday March 14, 2011 Source: MetService

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Rain Radar


Auckland rain radar


Wellington rain radar


Christchurch rain radar

Rain Intensity

Rain radar key

The rain radar is an indication (within limitations) of rain intensity, using a colour key to illustrate a range from light rain through to possible hail. The absence of colour on the map indicates a lack of likely rainfall. Radar images are updated at 6am, midday and 6pm, everyday.


Weather Analysis


The 'Isobar' or 'Synoptic' map is updated at 6am, midday and 6pm, everyday. It illustrates the weather systems currently in play around New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia at sea level.  

Weather Satellite


Rain Intensity

Rain radar key

This image shows cloud temperature over New Zealand and the Tasman Sea. Infrared satellite images are updated every three hours.