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Recycling in Waimoana

Waimoana is the best little place on Earth - and to keep it that way we must be vigilant with our recycling.

Every citizen needs to do their best to keep Waimoana clean and green and a little effort now will ensure our children's futures remain bright.

But we don't want to make recycling seem a chore so every month the most recycling-aware households will go into the draw for some wonderful prizes including extra carbon credits or even the chance of a holiday away to the Sunshine Coast.

Zero waste

A 'zero waste' policy is in force with each household charged with maximising recycling while reducing consumption of non-recyclable products.

For more instructions, click here to watch the handy guide from Wai TV.

Each household is provided with three recycling bins and all waste must be sorted correctly:

Green - Glass

Blue - Aluminium

Yellow - Food

For a detailed timetable of collection times in your street or if you are unsure on any aspects of recycling, please refer to you PeC for more details.

Recycling bins are also provided throughout Waimoana, just look for the large green bins. Old clothing can also be recycled by using the appropriate bin located by the Wellness Centre.

Waimoana Corner Shop has struck a deal with Waimoana Organic Beer to offer carbon credits to anyone who returns bottles to the store while Waimoana Paint Systems has also launched a pick-up collection for old paint tins. There is no charge for their service and they can be reached using your PeC.

There really isn't any excuse to not do your bit to keep Waimoana clean, green and beautiful.

This fact sheet is brought to you by Waimoana Paint Systems - 'Brush up your life'