Shouting match erupts as Judith Collins makes election pitch

Published: 6:27AM Thursday September 11, 2014 Source: ONE News

Former Justice Minister Judith Collins came under fire at a candidates meeting in South Auckland.

It's been nearly two weeks since she quit her Cabinet position, but she couldn't escape the controversy as she made her pitch for the Papakura electorate last night.

Things got heated at the meeting when a man asked Ms Collins: "Are you going to resign?"

He continued: "Actually in a way I don't want you to resign because you have done a really good job, you haven't been the opposition."

A woman in the crowd yelled out: "That's not appropriate", before things turned into a screaming match between those in the audience.

Ms Collins got out of her seat and grabbed the microphone and replied: "I'm just going to say this to you sir, that is the reason the Labour Party's 23% and falling - nasty, dirty behaviour. Stick to the issues that matter and you might do a bit better."

Judge Lester Chisholm is conducting the inquiry into allegations regarding Ms Collins and former Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley.

Ms Collins stood down from her ministerial duties following allegations that she was involved in a smear campaign against Mr Feely in 2011.

Judge Chisholm is expected to report back to the Prime Minister at the end of November.