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Tue 30 Oct: Terrorism; Jack's story; Kaikoura's biggest losers
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Every day there are threats and plots and illegal use of guns so what separates out crime plain and simple from acts of terrorism? The Solicitor General is right now weighing up whether to charge those caught in the police raids under the terrorism legislation, or under the laws we already have. What difference does it make? Terrorism and security expert Paul Buchannan thinks there's a huge difference. With his extensive contacts within the groups targetted by the police surveillance operation he has a unique perspective. He's joined by lawyer Kahungunu Barron-Afeaki, who is representing two people awaiting the decision of the Solicitor General.

Kaikoura's Biggest Losers
As a 12-year-old in size 22 jeans, this young girl was taunted daily with words like 'fatty'' and ''whale''. The issues were weighing on their minds, leaving her and other bigger sized youth in the town of Kaikoura distraught. Then along came two women, mums with 13 children between them, who said let's get these kids burning fat, losing weight and feeling good about themselves. Their inspirational story that has turned young lives around.

Jack's Story
Jack Baker was put into state care at the age of three and spent years either living on the streets or flitting from foster home to foster home. He was heading for jail or death but then he decided to take a different path  - and is now one of the top students in the country. Jack has just won another award to add to his already impressive collection. Corrine Ambler with Jack's story.

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