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Insiders Guide: The Finale

This current series of this show is now over  

In the series finale, a solar eclipse brings everything into alignment: Julie's baby decides to be born; Tim believes the end is nigh; Matthew gets the final call; and James and Tina get stuck in a carwash...

Episode 13: You Are Happy
Tess tells Matthew that she's pregnant, but his joy is tempered by a sighting of the (dead) Old Monk. When the monk confronts Matthew in a shop, he tells him that it is time to 'come home'.

Shocked and frightened that the monk is warning him of impending death, Matthew locks himself in a room, desperate to avoid this fate. But the monk appears in the room with him, and Matthew panics, thinking he's having a heart attack. Tess helps him rush to hospital. However on the way they get caught in a huge traffic snarl-up and Matthew jumps out to walk. He soon encounters the source of the traffic jam: Tim, threatening to blow himself up.

Tim has decided the solar eclipse signifies that 'it is time'. He follows Sam, who is rushing Julie to hospital to have the baby, and creates a traffic jam. With plastic explosives strapped to his body, Tim confronts Julie, asking her to hug him. Matthew appears in the action and draws Tim away from Julie, offering to hug him instead. To everyone's amazement the hug doesn't cause the bomb to detonate. Matthew carefully removes the explosives from Tim and the police take him away.

Julie has had a text message form Aaron, her baby, saying ýhe is ready to be born, but someone (who?) must die first. She goes into labour, Sam tries to get her to hospital, but they are intercepted by Tim. After Matthew distracts him, Julie, with the help of Sam, delivers Aaron in Sam's van. She is happy.

James is happy. He wants for nothing. Then he wins a free carwash and Tina insists they go through the same carwash where he's had strange experiences. The carwash halts and Tina and James are stuck. When they finally exit, they see Matthew lying prone on the forecourt.

Matthew, relieved after saving Julie and Tim, relaxes on the petrol station forecourt, playing with some sand. The Old Monk appears to him again, and this time seems adamant that his time has come. Matthew doesn't understand until he realises the small spider that has just nipped him was a katipo, harboured amongst the sand shaken out of Tina's car. Matthew dies.

William finally feels optimistic enough to ring Lindy and tell her he's going to be all right. (The Old Monk has told Matthew that William will survive his cancer.) When Matthew is brought in dead, William delivers the news to Tess with compassion and understanding. He's finally come to terms with his mortality fear.

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