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Sunday: June 8, 2008 - Rockets

Published: 5:51PM Thursday June 05, 2008

Shooting For The Stars
It was a hobby which became an obsession, which became a business and now the sky is no longer the limit. A New Zealand launched rocket is preparing to take its place in the space race. It's an unmanned rocket that will take New Zealand into the lucrative sub-orbital market: space funerals, scientific payloads and marketing stunts. They are on countdown.

Taking Back The Street
Is it safe to confront the young thugs and vandals who have taken control of the streets of England at night? One man did, and paid with his life. But now communities are rising up and fighting back. Through something called 'social capital', people are binding together and transforming burned out car wrecks, graffiti and violent behaviour into sport centres, libraries and youth clubs. Crime is now down.

Harrison Ford Undone
Henry Jones Junior, aka Indiana Jones, is back with his trademark fedora, bullwhip and leather jacket - and the smirk of course - and playing in a cinema near you. That's nineteen years after what everyone thought was Indiana Jones' last crusade. Harrison Ford talks about grey hair, wrinkles, being 65, and of course the movie and his relationship with the other two-thirds of the cinematic triumvirate, Spielberg and Lucas.

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