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Earpiece sees tennis youngster banned

Published: 6:24PM Thursday July 24, 2008 Source: ONE News

An eight year old Ukrainian girl has been banned from a junior tennis tournament in Christchurch for wearing a communication device.

But her father, who is also her coach, says he was just trying to keep the game honest.

Anastasiya Korzh was spotted wearing the earpiece in a recent tournament, which her father Demetrie Korzh says was to tell her the score. He didn't know it was wrong.

"To give like a score in identification, I didn't know it was illegal," says Korzh.

That is not the way tennis officials see it.

"Under tennis rules that's a sort of fundamental rule, that coaching from the sideline is not permitted," says Canterbury Tennis CEO David Blackwell.

If the young Ukranian gets just one more demerit point she will be banned from the game for three months.

They will not use the earpiece again, but she says it was easier than following the scoreboard.

"I would chose earpiece because if the girls lie or cheat so my dad can tell me what should I say the right thing," she says.

Demetrie Krozh is a professional wrestling coach, but says he is not a pushy sports father.