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Q & A with Anna Hutchison

How did it feel coming back forĀ Go Girls seasonĀ four?

Just awesome! The storylines are great and it was wonderful knowing that the last half of 2011 would be spent playing with the fun team at Go Girls.

Where is Amy at this season?

Amy is at a law firm and her goal is to be the best lawyer she can be.

This means she has to work really hard. She is now facing dramas in the workplace and realises that silly schoolyard hassles often follow you long after you graduate.

What is the dynamic between the six characters this time around?

We all get on so well. We are all completely different but I think our differences are what make us such good friends.

We are all very honest with each other which I think helps when playing friends. We know we can trust each other.

And time for the quick fire questions! Your favourite place is...

Anywhere with family and friends. I reckon as long as you have good company you can make any place completely rad.

Your current fave song?

Angel by Katie Scott and the Miss T's

Three things youd take to a desert island...

Bear Grylls, running shoes and sunblock

The celebrity youd most like to have playing your love interest?

Jay Ryan!

Go Girl youd most likely be friends with in real life:

Cody and Kevin

What's your favourite thing about your character?

Her drive, ambitions and loyalty to her friends.

And the least favourite?

Her love of short skirts and high heels!

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