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TAIC to investigate emergency landing

Published: 8:34AM Tuesday September 12, 2006 Source: One News/Newstalk ZB

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is to investigate Tuesday morning's emergency landing of Air New Zealand flight NZ503 at Auckland Airport.
Around 100 passengers were on board the plane bound for Christchurch, when an electrical fault was reported in the flight deck.

The plane landed safely and passengers were evacuated via chutes.

The 94 passengers, three cabin crew and two pilots on board the Boeing 737 are all safe.

TVNZ's Cameron Bennett was on board the plane.

He says shortly after take off passengers were informed by cabin crew that there was a problem on board. At that point he says the plane made a low descent and headed back to Auckland Airport.

Bennett says the plane made a smooth landing, but the cabin began to fill with smoke as it was taxiing back to the gate.

At that point the captain decided to evacuate passengers and crew via chutes.

Bennett says there was little panic amongst the passengers, who evacuated in an orderly fashion.

Four flights were cancelled because of the incident.

Air New Zealand has already launched an investigation.