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Celebrations turn ugly in Sydney

Published: 6:18PM Sunday October 16, 2005 Source: One News

New Zealand Rugby League fans celebrated on Saturday night after a rare victory over the Kangaroos in Sydney, but things turned nasty when fans stormed the pitch after the game.

The 38 -28 win was the first on Sydney soil for the Kiwi League team over their Australia counterparts since 1959.

The team was ready to celebrate and so were their fans, with 100 wanting to start the party on the field after the game. That's when things got ugly and a woman punched a police officer in the face sending her reeling.

Norris Smith of the NSW police media unit says the police woman suffered a bleeding nose and bruising as a result of the incident and she was also kicked in the abdomen.

While the woman who had thrown the punch was bought under control, the police officer she hit pulled out a can of pepper spray and used it against her assailant.

Australian police won't comment on the use of the caustic spray, but are looking into what unfolded.

"I do believe the woman had been arrested, the alleged assault then took place and the woman managed to get away from police," says Smith.

Police are looking for help to identify the woman and may charge her if she is still in Australia.