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ISPs unhappy with anti-spam laws

Published: 5:54PM Tuesday August 16, 2005 Source: RNZ

Internet Service Providers say they could be unfairly burdened by part of proposed anti-spamming laws.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Bill, introduced late last month, would prohibit all New Zealand businesses from sending unsolicited marketing E-mails or texts.

Internet Service Provider XTRA says it is not happy about the requirement that ISP's investigate spam complaints, before referral to an enforcement agency.

Vice president of InternetNZ David Farrar says he'll also lobby against ISP's having that burden.

Farrar says 99% of spam comes from overseas, so it makes sense for complainants to deal directly with an enforcement agency.

However, Information Technology Minister David Cunliffe says the currentbBill provides a strong incentive for ISP's to keep up-to-date filtering systems. And he say he avoids the creation of unnecesary bureaucracy.

But, Cunliffe says there is some argument for allowing customers who didn't receive a satisfactory answer from their ISP, to go direct to the enforcement agency.