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AWOL hubby turns up on TV

Published: 6:03PM Thursday December 21, 2006 Source: One News

The former wife of a globe-trotting businessman, who was a government role model, says he is a dead-beat dad.

Maggie Stalker claims Hamish Stalker owes her tens of thousands of dollars in child support after abandoning his two boys, 12 years ago.

Maggie thought he could have been dead, until she saw him in a recent One News report from Vietnam where Trade Minister Phil Goff had just opened Hamish Stalker's latest business venture - selling New Zealand ice cream to the Vietnamese

"To be quite honest I was just about sick," says Maggie. "I would say probably all up that he owes myself and government probably in excess of $75,000."

The law says absent parents are liable for child support regardless of what country they decide to live in.

One News called Hamish Stalker in Vietnam. He said he had sisters still in New Zealand but when asked if he had a wife and children in the country he said "no".

Then when asked about the allegations made by Maggie Stalker he said: "I think this is none of your business."

Inland Revenue would not comment on whether Hamish Stalker is in arrears with regard to child support payments.

But, after the phone call from One News Hamish Stalker rang his ex wife and said he would like to make it up to the boys, and might be in a position to help them in a year's time.