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Numbers up for celeb romances

Published: 11:12AM Wednesday June 15, 2005 Source: AAP

Glynis McCants knew the romance between Halle Berry and Eric Benet wouldn't last.

She has no crystal ball, no Tarot cards, no eerie sixth sense. What she has is a calculator.

Author of Glynis Has Your Number and a frequent guest on talk shows, McCants uses numbers relating to a person's birthday and name to figure out individual personalities, attitudes and "life paths." Comparing the numbers of famous couples to predict their compatibility has become her specialty.

"Everything in the universe vibrates and breaks down to the numbers 1 to 9, and each has traits attached to it," says McCants, who lives near Pasadena, California.

According to numerology, an ancient theory, a couple's numbers can be natural, compatible or toxic. A natural match has more or less identical numbers, and they will experience little friction.

People with compatible numbers may have occasional differences that can be worked out. Toxic numbers indicate wildly opposing traits or personalities that can sink a relationship.

"Halle Berry and Eric Benet had five toxic numbers, so I knew they wouldn't make it. If you have four toxic numbers, you should walk; it won't work. Less than four, you can work on it."

All those toxic numbers are misleading, she said, because they give a feeling of "good chemistry." But in time, the physical attraction won't be enough to keep the relationship together.

"Verbal communication will break down. In true married life you need to be able to communicate, because sex is secondary in the long run," she says.

Other "toxic couples" she's keeping an eye on: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

"I knew Julia wanted to have a baby because of her six soul number, the 'mother' number," says McCants. "But she's a seven birthday number, so she can't stay in the house forever with those kids; she'll go bonkers. Her husband is a three life path number, which is the flip opposite of her. I said from the gate there are challenges here. Notice how he wasn't with her at Oscars? What is she doing married to a guy who will not be in that part of her life? Toxic!"

Here are more of McCants' observations:

Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears spent the year in the headlines. That's because the numerals of 2004 equal six, the same as these stars' life path numbers. How about 2005? "Lindsay has the creative numbers three, six and nine. Does she have longevity? Yes, those numbers are so magnetic we don't take our eyes off people who have them."

And what about Spears' marriage? McCants isn't hopeful. "Kevin (Federline) is a four life path, which means what you see is not what you get. He is working her. Once Britney looks behind the curtain and realises the wizard is just an ordinary little man, I hope she will reconsider this marriage."

George Bush and Dick Cheney just had to win the election because they were both in a personal year of one, which means getting into the driver's seat and doing whatever it takes to make it to the finish line first. This year, McCants says, the president is in a cycle of seven, learning about spirituality. "You either thank God or think you're God. Which is it? We will have the answer by end of year," she predicts.

Martha Stewart is an eight, here to master money. But eights raised in poverty never think they have enough. "When Martha got a call warning her that she was about to lose money, of course she didn't stop to think she could afford to lose a few hundred thousand," McCants says, adding that eights are usually seen as cold and aloof.

Which leads us to ...

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. "Jessica is an eight. Do you feel the iceberg in her?" McCants says. "Nick is a four, and they are naturally matched because they both need financial security and success, but they both learn the hard way. And his two life path needs to feel loved and appreciated, while she can be insensitive by nature - eights will say what they feel, and it's verbal execution." McCants thinks having a baby this year would bring a nice balance to their relationship.

Jen and Brad shouldn't have thrown in the towel. "They are a natural match with three numbers in common," says McCants. But Aniston has a two life path, while Pitt's is four. "Fours are like turtles," she says. "When the going gets rough, they pull their heads into a shell. And Jen can't take that, because she needs to know she's loved."

The demise of Friends is what strained the marriage, says McCants, because Aniston no longer had the everyday love and appreciation of her co-stars.

The news is not so good for Jennifer Garner, who's involved with Ben Affleck. Affleck needs to realise that this Jennifer is not that Jennifer. Garner needs a forever love, while Affleck is "a very sexual creature with restless energy."

Neither do Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake have staying power, according to McCants. Her attitude number, two, makes her too unpredictable for him, a 6. But Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller could make it work as long as Stiller keeps his eight tendencies in check and supports her career, which her three soul number needs.

What are you?

Here's how to find your attitude number and what each number means in numerology, according to Glynis McCants' Glynis Has Your Number.

Add the numerals that make up the month and day of your birth.

If you were born on July 28, add 7 and 2 and 8 for 17. Since no number can be higher than 9, 17 breaks down to 1+7, which equals 8.

That's your attitude number.

Attitude 1: You're ambitious and self-motivated but need constant praise to achieve the greatness you're capable of. Celeb example: Elton John.

Attitude 2: You're easygoing, romantic and intuitive. Celeb example: Harry Connick Jr.

Attitude 3: You're a charismatic life-of-the-party type. Celeb example: Sarah Vaughan.

Attitude 4: You keep lists and observe your surroundings carefully, which makes you able to see both sides of an issue. Celeb example: Bruce Willis.

Attitude 5: You're playful and fun, flirty and adventurous. Celeb example: Roseanne Barr.

Attitude 6: You're a nurturer and love to handle situations other people can't manage. Celeb example: Jamie Lee Curtis.

Attitude 7: The ultimate observer, you tend to be introspective and keep your feelings a mystery. Celeb example: Sean Penn.

Attitude 8: You're a blunt communicator and you worry about financial security although you tend to be a spender. Celeb example: Nicholas Cage.

Attitude 9: You're a natural-born leader, eager to get the job done. Celeb example: Hillary Rodham Clinton.