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Thur Mar 9: Pehi Rangi; Oil - Part 2; Is Hamilton Boring?

Published: 7:05PM Thursday March 09, 2006

Pehi Rangi
The conclusion to a story which will make you wonder about our mental health system. Liam Cooper was an eight-year-old with a promising future, a future that was snuffed out in a horrific car crash last May. The man who caused the crash was a mental health patient, a patient who refused to get help and instead fled in his car at incredible speeds. Pehi Rangi, was found not guilty in February for reasons of insanity. Today there was a hearing in Rotorua to decide his future - would Rangi be freed into the community or made a special patient? Robyn Janes spoke exclusively with Liam Cooper's parents.

Oil - Part 2
As the world approaches an energy crisis, New Zealand's isolation may create a problem...but its size plays to our advantage. You see it doesn't take much to satisfy our oil and gas needs - Maui's been doing it for 30 years. And while Maui's on its way out, it's not all doom and gloom. New Zealand is considered one of the most under explored countries in the world with some of the greatest potential. Our continental shelf extends 2.5 square kilometres under water, that's as big as Sudan, the 10th biggest country in the world. In the short term that means our  prospects for meeting the gap left by Maui are extremely good. As Sofia Wenborn reports, the Government's doing all it can to attract the big players down here to drill it.

Is Hamilton Boring?
Someone criticising your hometown is a bit like having a crack at your parents. You may not disagree entirely but there's no way you'll let them get away with it. Well.. the good folk of Hamilton felt that way after the Queensland Reds rugby team blamed the Hamilton boredom factor for their loss to the Chiefs. Mark Sainsbury raced to Hamilton last night to see if the Reds were right.