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Producer Debra Kelleher
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Producer Debra Kelleher is the Dancing With The Stars Queen Bee. She ensures DWTS remains the best entertainment show on the tele!

Tell us about your job.
I oversee all departments. I solve problems and ensure everything is ready on time. 

I support the team through 90 minutes of live tele each week.

We hopefully inspire and enable the cast to take risks, feel confident and create the best entertainment for our loyal audience.  Also delegate, delegate, delegate, otherwise you DIE!
How long have you worked on DWTS?
I started in 2003 on series 1. I had the amazing experience of going to Melbourne to learn the format and watch the show being put together by Granada and Channel 7, they were into their third season.

It was both exciting, educational and terrifying, however I knew we had the technology and the personnel to make it work and I was so excited by the challenge that lay ahead.

What other productions have you worked on?
I got my production wings while working in Aussie for 7 years. I started on Neighbours, Sons and Daughters and Perfect Match. 

In NZ I've produced drama, film, TVC's and entertainment shows from Good Morning, WOW TV Special 07, Karaoke High, The Killian Curse and DWTS Series 1-4 for TVNZ. 

I also produced The Tribe which screens in 57 territories around the world and the cult feature film Snakeskin.

Who is your favourite dance couple (over any series)?
I don't have favourites, I love them all!

What's the best part of your job?
Working with the team and watching the talent achieve results and learn about themselves.

It helps me in my own choices and decisions to push that bit harder.

What's the most stressful part of your job?
I don't get stressed. However, during the live show we calculate the voting results in the control room and have 3-4 minutes to get it right. That's can be exhilarating and hair raising!

We've been told this year's line-up is more equal than other years - do you agree?
I think we have a fantastic dance competition on our hands, it's anyone's game! 

However we will also ensure the entertainment factor is there and there will no doubt be surprises along the way.

In your experience dealing with the celebrities, what does it take to win the competition?
Dedication, commitment and lots of rehearsing, plus having fun with it! 


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