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About How To Be A Property Developer
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This series is currently off-air.

About the show

It's become a national obsession and now everyone thinks they could make a fortune wheeling and dealing in the property market if only they had the cash to start, but is it really that easy?

Would you have the skills and the judgment to make a profit from buying and selling houses?

In How To Be A Property Developer, two couples are given the opportunity to find out as they become property traders - with the sole aim of making as much money as they can.

With ý250,000 each, two couples are given just nine months to buy and sell a minimum of three properties.

This programme follows the couples as they decide which properties to invest in and when to sell.

See how successful they are at increasing the value of the properties, watching them as they negotiate with builders, try their hand at stripping floors, seek out bargains at salvage yards and chance their luck at auction.

Will it be as easy as they think to make a quick profit, or will they make some horrible - and costly - mistakes along the way?

There's a lot to be gained - if they're successful, they'll get to keep the profits.

Property developer Gary McCausland follows the progress of the couples.
"I made a few mistakes in my career," says McCausland. "But I also made lots of money from some great property deals."

Throughout the series, McCausland will be showing viewers how to avoid classic pit falls of property developing, while watching the amateur couples try and make a fortune.

He is a no-nonsense property man who tells it like it is - and there's no shortage of opportunity for him to deliver his often scathing verdicts.

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