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TVNZ Ondemand FAQs - Samsung tablet and phone

KNOWN ISSUE- 16 February 2015

There has been a known issue which affected users on Samsung Galaxy S3 phones where users were unable to watch video and receiving an error message saying "Processing DRM information failed."  We have been working with Samsung to identify and fix a firmware issue impacting TVNZ OnDemand playback. The fault was caused by a firmware upgrade by Samsung which inadvertently impacted the OnDemand service.

Samsung have now finished developing and testing a firmware patch to fix the problem. They have informed us the patch will be pushed out to Samsung Galaxy S3 devices by mobile network providers by 17 February.


How do I get the TVNZ Ondemand app for my supported Samsung phone or tablet?

What are the supported devices and software for the app?

Will the app be available on other Android devices?Will the app be available on other Android devices?

I have one of the devices that's supported so why can't I find the app in the Samsung App Store?


How do I find a show to watch on the app?

How does the search work?

Can I bookmark my favourite shows?


Why can't I choose a video stream quality like I can when I watch TVNZ Ondemand on my normal computer? (300K, 700K etc)

How do I watch video in full screen?

Why can't I rotate the screen on my tablet while I'm watching a video in full-screen mode?


How much of my internet data cap will I use up watching video on the app?

Can I watch shows over a 3G connection?


Can I use TVNZ Ondemand when I'm not connected to the internet?

Video has stopped playing back in the app. What can I do?

Why does video playback keep stopping and starting?

Why am I receiving an error message stating that I need to be NZ to use the app?

Why can't I rotate the app on my phone?

Can I watch TVNZ Ondemand on the browser on my phone?

Why do I get a picture and no audio when watching video?

Why do I get audio and no picture when watching video?

Can I use the TV-Out (HDMI) capabilities of my device?

Why am I being asked to give TVNZ permission to access my Device ID, Call History and photos/media?

Why am I being asked to update my TVNZ Ondemand app?

Why do I have to watch adverts?

How do I contact TVNZ Ondemand?


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