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Veronica Mars

Episode Sixteen - Betty and Veronica

Screened Friday October 28

Following an emotional reunion with her mother, Veronica is hired to track down Neptune High's beloved mascot, Polly the Parrot, which was apparently kidnapped by a rival school on the eve of a big basketball game.

Meanwhile, with her suspicions about the Kane family rekindled, Veronica attempts to gain access to her father's original interrogation tapes.

Later, Veronica's relationship with Deputy Leo intensifies, as does Meg's relationship with Duncan.

Clues pertaining to the Lilly Kane murder revealed this episode:

- Veronica discovers that Clarence Wiedman, head of Kane Security, had managed to get a bug into her bedroom, and thus new she was going to Barstow to find her mother. Which is why he was in the bar when she found Lianne Mars.

- Lianne tells Veronica that she knows Jake Kane is innocent of Lilly's murder because she was with him at the time Lilly was killed. In a hotel room at the Neptune Grand. She says she was just there to talk to him. A few days earlier, Lianne intercepted a message Celeste Kane left for Veronica (that Veronica never got) explaining that Celeste had important information for Veronica about an affair between Jake and Lianne. Lianne was meeting with Jake to tell him to get his wife to back off her daughter.

 - Lianne says she got Jake to agree to get his wife of Veronica's case by threatening to get a paternity test done and take him for millions (the implication being that he is Veronica's father - something Veronica already suspects). Lianne says she's not sure either way who Veronica's father is.

- Veronica convinces Deputy Leo to get her the interrogation tapes from the Lilly Kane investigation.

- Listening to Keith (when he was still Sheriff) interrogating Jake Kane, she hears Jake say he was at the Neptune Grand with Celeste, his wife. Keith presses him for details.

- Veronica listens to Keith interrogating Celeste Kane. She corroborates Jake's story about the hotel room, but she messes up some of the details.

- Back to Veronica talking to her mum. Lianne explains that when she and Jake were in the hotel room (at the time Lilly was murdered) Celeste Kane busted in on them screaming. Lianne then left and soon after saw Celeste storming out of the lobby. This timeline allows for either Jake or Celeste to have killed Lilly.

- Veronica theorises that because Lianne saw Celeste leaving the hotel, that compromised Celeste's alibi, and so the reason the threatening surveillance photos of Veronica were taken was so Celeste had a means of keeping Lianne quiet about Celeste leaving the hotel. Remember in Episode Ten, when Veronica asked Jake about the photos, he Jake claimed to have no knowledge of them - then angrily accused Celeste of something.

- Veronica spends her college savings on putting her alcoholic mum into a rehab facility.

- Using Clarence Weidman's bug against him, Veronica finds out that Abel Koontz has a daughter, Amelia DeLongpre, who appears to be benefiting financially from him falsely confessing to Lilly's murder.

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