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Veronica Mars

Episode Eleven - Silence of the Lamb

Screened Friday September 23

A serial killer who targets college girls has struck again, and the town of Neptune is terrified. Keith, who previously worked on the case, temporarily returns to the sheriff's department to help catch the killer.

Meanwhile, Veronica's own investigative caseload (and income) increases as she conducts background checks to get the "dirt" on her schoolmates' parents.

But for her computer geek friend, Mac (recurring guest star Tina Majorino), the information Veronica learns may have life-altering consequences.

Clues pertaining to the Lilly Kane murder revealed this episode:

- Charming the rookie deputy, Veronica sneaks a peak at Lilly's police file. There she finds a disk containing recordings of phone calls from the public to the police with information about Lilly's murder. After listening to a whole bunch of inconsequential calls, she hears a computerised voice naming Abel Koontz as the murderer and giving his address.

- Veronica gets her computer whiz friend Mac to have a look at the computerised recording, and Mac is able to slow it down at various speeds to make it sound like a selection of normal voices. Veronica recognises one of them as Clarence Wiedman, the head of Kane security who took the threatening photos of Veronica. Veronica takes some similar surveillance photos of Weidman and sends them to him. He is perturbed to receive them. Well, duh.

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