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Veronica Mars

Episode Eighteen - Weapons of Class Destruction

Screened Friday November 11

A series of fire drills leads Veronica to the discovery that Neptune High has been receiving bomb threats. She enlists Wallace and Mac's help to investigate classmates who could pose a serious threat to the school, including new student Ben (Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Home Improvement, Smallville).

Meanwhile, Keith stuns Veronica with the news of whom he's been secretly dating - Wallace's mother.

Later, Duncan confronts Veronica about her ongoing investigation into his sister's death.

Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy) guest stars as Ms. Stafford, a new substitute journalism teacher.

Clues pertaining to the Lilly Kane murder revealed this episode:

- When Duncan confronts Veronica about her ongoing investigation into his sister's death, he appears cold and unfeeling. He enquires about what her file on him says. She talks about his weird epilepsy and its related violent mood swings and blackouts. Veronica tells him about Abel Koontz being paid to confess by the Kanes, but he is disbelieving. When Veronica asks him if he remembers what happened that day, he realises she thinks he might've killed Lilly. He gets super angry and screams in Veronica's face - "What do you think I'm gonna have another episode and kill you too!" - then he gathers himself and runs away.

- Then Duncan disappears after taking $10,000 out of the bank. His girlfriend Meg thinks he's run away.

- Oh and Logan totally kisses Veronica! May not have anything to do with the Lilly Kane case, but I just had to tell someone.

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